Look. It all boils down to this:

"The move to redact entire lore sections (including paragraphs describing all Orcs as “tribal” creatures with a “culturally ingrained tendency to bow before superior strength”) are seemingly the firm’s latest steps to address tougher criticisms – namely, that its fantasy races (many of which date back to the game’s 1970s origins) evoke harmful real-world racial prejudices."

In other words, because people can't separate fantasy from reality, they have made many changes to D&D races. That and popularity. When Drow we're first invented, they were evil. Their backstory even says they were corrupted by Lloth and twisted into what they are. Over time, people fell in love with them and more and more they are good. As stated, the same happened with tieflings and such.

Now, real world politics and racism are stripping things away even more so that we can't call any fantasy race good or evil. Monsters are no longer monsters. Their just different races.

Tolkien basically sparked all this. Elves, humans, dwarves and hobbits good. Orc-kind and monsters bad. Dragons bad. Giant spiders bad. It all stems from LOTR. Even dark elves were invented by Tolkien in the Silmarillion. Dark elf was evil elf. End of story.

Now, even zombies and vampires are being turned into good guys or just misunderstood. The only thing that's left is devil's and demons. Why not make them good too?

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