Ah whatever. This whole thread is an exercise in silly. It just proves that Law = Order. Chaos = War and Confusion.

Law = Goblins are bad.
Chaos = You decide if goblins are bad. We won't make a decision.

So, now we have an entire 19 pages in a forum where people are arguing and debating over the morality system in a game. If WotC had set a hard/firm rule, we wouldn't be debating. People could just site the rule and move on. Now, anything goes, so people debate it and argue about it.

Is killing goblin kids bad? Is it good? Is killing the illithid tadpole good or bad? I don't know. Maybe we should just accept our fates and let them take us over to become mind flayer mutant Absolute kids. Don't kill any intellect devourers in the game either. They're babies too. Never mind that they'll eat people brains later and take over their lives and lead their loved ones to share the same fate. Their kids, and they're not inherently evil. They're just trying to live too. See? Omeluum's a mind flayer and he's good. Right? So maybe they're not inherently evil monsters.

Dude! It's like the Aliens movies. They are going to use you bodies to breed and they're going to take over the Multiverse! And guess what. The goblins are part of the crazy scheme. The Absolute is bringing innocent people to Moonrise and turning them all into True Soul mind flayer breeding grounds. That's evil. They're ALL evil. Even Gribbo, who isn't quite as bad, or so it seems, as the others, is still cooking people - innocent people mind you from Waukeen's Rest and I'm sure other places.

It always amazes me how much people hate to call evil what it is. Murdering innocent people is evil. Goblins murder innocent people. They are evil. They eat people. That's evil. They torture people for fun. That's evil. Whole towns burned to the ground, like in Wyll's story. Evil. That's not "We're just misunderstood and don't know any better." It's evil. Ask the victims' families and loved ones.

Ah! What am I saying. IT'S NOT REAL! NONE OF THIS IS REAL! You can't ask loved ones because they don't really exist. Goblins don't exist. Tieflings don't exist. Why are we even having this conversation?

Chaos! Chaos EVERYWHERE! Cats and dogs, living together. MASS HYSTERIA!