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Why then continue this thread with similar posts?
Why keep going to this thread?
New posts only draw more attention to him.

Meh. Because I'm up in the middle of the night and bored. Besides, it's insane. The whole thing. Honestly, we're debating about something WotC has washed their hands on, like so many other things. So, what we're left with is a whole lot of"you decide."

So lore canon is out the window as are rules and everything.

If you think killing goblin kids is wrong, whatever. If you think killing tiefling kids is wrong, whatever. It's your choice. Anything goes! Bad isn't bad unless you think it's bad. Same with good. All is relative.

Except it isn't. When true evil knocks on your door and comes for you, I guarantee you'll call it evil then. People are VERY quick to call evil for what it is when it hits them. There's nothing relative about it.