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"I am Bhaal. I love murder. I call murder good. So, if you don't murder, you are evil. You call me evil. I call you evil. Let's fight. See who wins. All my followers are good if they murder."

Hmmm. Are Bhaal and his followers good or evil?

I say neither. They're just misunderstood. Maybe you can be a good follower of Bhaal. Maybe you could just murder only bad guys. But then... Who is truly bad? What IS good and evil? Is anyone ever REALLY innocent? Hmmm? Maybe I call the tieflings in the Grove evil, like Kagha.

It's all based on your personal perspective. Right?

Until Bhaal cultists come to your door. 👹
Well, comparing the cult of Baal (whose service involves killing someone once a ten days) and goblins is not very reasonable, if only because the formers is a religious organization, and the latter is a race.
Except that the race is evil, serves evil gods, and as a whole is very much like Bhaal.
Let's go again, are goblins inherently evil or, as Ragitsu wrote about ondonti, are there exceptions?
Serve is a big word. Throughout their existence in D&D, goblins have been slaves and thugs in the service of a greater evil. Often, due to coercion, as well as cowardice and weakness of the goblins. In fact, even their service to the Absolute is dictated to them by the hobgoblin and the drow above.
By the way, what are the similarities between Baal and goblins? I'm just curious.

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