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Old D&D rules and lore = Goblins/orcs/hobgoblins/Drow are evil. They are born with evil tendencies inherent in their blood.
New D&D rules and lore = You decide. Chaos rules everything.
And you think it's a problem?
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Similarities? Bhaal likes murder. Goblins like murder. Bhaal is evil. Goblins are evil. But Bhaal might be good sometimes too. It's all based on your perspective. Maybe he and his followers will murder someone bad. That's good. Likewise, maybe a goblin will be good.
And what good did Bhaal do?
He is literally the most evil of the entire Dead Three. All of them are evil, but Bhaal manages to be even more so than his fellows. While both Bane and Myrkul's domains can be interpreted positively (The Dead is usually a neutral domain, Myrkul was just being a dick about it, and Bane's domain of tyranny also includes authority and order), Bhaal's domain of murder has no positive connotations.
And again, you are comparing a religious organization to a race. Membership in the cult of Bhaal involves murder. Do goblins need to kill in order to survive?

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