That looks like the goblin cooking Brian in BG3. Lol. You know, because the goblins are about to eat people, sharing said meal with their children. Brian wouldn't be enough, though, for everyone. I wonder where else they acquired food. Oh, right. Waukeen's Rest. All those innocent people, attacked by who? Oh, right. Goblins and Drow.

So, to recap, the goblins, who are not evil, they're just misunderstood, killed a bunch of innocent people and are cooking and eating them, but they aren't like Bhaal at all and they and their kids aren't evil. They're just a race of flesh eating people who prey on people. We should let them live... And their children. I'm sure they won't do it again if we just give them a second chance. Right? Because, as a race they aren't evil.

Getting back to the topic, the goblins in BG3 are evil. Their kids are evil and everyone in that camp is evil who is on the Absolute's side. Innocent people were murdered by them, and they are being cooked and eaten.

Therefore, killing kids is not fun to me, but if the game lets you kill goblin kids in order to purge the world of evil while being "good", they should let you kill tiefling kids while being evil, OR for those of us who might want to you with the evil path to see what it is like, give us the option to command the goblins to kill the kids for you.

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