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I found two great posts over on the Candlekeep forum ->

It's funny that the discussion of divine intervention and the alignment of the race turned into a search for posts in other forums.
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it certainly wasn't doing what other races have done -- I've not heard of too many elf hordes sweeping out of the north and killing everything in site.
Tuigan, Thay, Anauroch and other evil imperialistic human nations do not exist in the Forgotten Realms setting. The Many-Arrows also did not exist in the setting. Understandable.
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Orcs have killed without reason or provocation for millennia. A handful of adventurers here or elves defending themselves there is not the same thing, and it is not justification.
Maybe it's worth remembering about Corellon?
An infamous petty and emotional god whose spontaneous outbursts took a toll on elves, who cheated Gruumsh and the orcs out of a homeland causing orcs and Gruumsh to become the chaotic evil murderers they are known as today.
By the way, he cursed all the elves who did not side with him during his battle with Lolth, essentially giving her the advantage of embittered and loyal followers. He also refuses to create new elven souls, essentially dooming the race to extinction. Oh, and one more thing, killing orcs is one of Corellon's dogmas. It's about provocation.
In addition, orcs, humans, elves, goblins and others have been killing each other for thousands of years without any provocation, so it's not very smart to single out someone from the general bloodthirsty mass.

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