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So the point isn't necessarily about goblins in particular, but I was just making a point that there is a slippery slope that D&D is taking, and that's one of the points Ragitsu was making. First, all was bad. Then orcs were not so bad. Then drow. Then tieflings, so people could play not-evil demons. Then dragonborn, so people can play not-evil dragons. Now it's goblins. Tomorrow, will it be mind flayers? Trolls? What's next that we're going to make not-evil? Shall we make all races not-evil anymore even though they are totally vile and evil just by their very definition? The slide is real. The evidence is there, and Ragitsu pointed it out with his comments about half-orcs, tieflings, dragonborn, etc.

The idea that demons - demons - aren't necessarily evil has been done as recently as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel (if there are media examples that date back even further, I missed them). Again, an interesting one-off subversion, yet in no way the end result I want to see in Dungeons & Dragons. Labels should mean something.