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Lol...and let's not forget the Lucifer TV series. Lucifer. You know SATAN!!! [said like Church Lady SNL]

Have you noticed how the classic evil monsters have been drawn increasingly...hm...human? If the big message is that "Fictional monsters are huma, er, 'people' too.", then why are the folks in support of this movement taking the easy way out by rendering them less monstrous? Have they forgotten "Never judge a book by its cover." and "Beauty is only skin deep."? Not only is this a bit hypocritical, but they're also detracting from the natural attractiveness of these inhuman beings.

The "Lucifer" TV show is based (loosely) on the character Lucifer from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic, and THAT Lucifer is based (also loosely) on Milton's Paradise Lost. So not exactly a new trend (unless you consider the 17th century to be "new").

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