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I haven't found a topic like this so I created one. Can we have a separate, low intelligence dialogue tree, like we had in Neverwinter Nights? If there is one thing Neverwinter Nights did better then Baldurs Gate it was this. At the moment you cant get lower then 7 but this shouldn't be enough to speak a normal dialogue like a character with int 12.


Low intelligence

You can always go back and play Fallout 1 and 2. Oh and there is a game called Encased, which was sponsored by Larian actually - that does allow you to have low intelligence speech.

I think these days that sort of thing is considered to be in bad taste. It's essentially punching down.

Also your lowest possible int score is an 8 which doesn't really lend itself to inability to speak coherently. You can hit 7 with Volo's eye but that will just make your memory a bit worse.

1 (–5): Animalistic, no longer capable of logic or reason. Behavior is reduced to simple reactions to immediate stimuli

2-3 (–4): Rather animalistic. Acts on instinct but can still resort to simple planning and tactics

4-5 (–3): Very limited speech and knowledge. Often resorts to charades to express thoughts

6-7 (–2): Has trouble following trains of thought, forgets most unimportant things

8-9 (–1): Misuses and mispronounces words. May be forgetful

10-11 (0): Knows what they need to know to get by

12-13 (1): Knows a bit more than is necessary, fairly logical

14-15 (2): Fairly intelligent, able to understand new tasks quickly. Able to do math or solve logic puzzles mentally with reasonable accuracy

16-17 (3): Very intelligent, may invent new processes or uses for knowledge

18-19 (4): Highly knowledgeable, probably the smartest person many people know

20 (5): Famous as a sage and genius. Able to make Holmesian leaps of logic

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