General impression:
It has been over a year since I finished the original release. I wanted to give my thoughts and point out some minor bugs. I am truly impressed by this game and it will be undoubtedly the greatest game ever made in the RPG genre. I do not remember playing a more engaging and immersive game with the attention to detail. I just hope these tools they are building means, there will be additional adventures in the future on this engine because however long the game turns out will not be enough in the end. I am sure of it. The variety of quests and little hidden content is unbelievable and the amount of refinement that has gone into this game is remarkable. I honestly dont even mind waiting another year for this game or as long as it takes, because it will be worth it.

1. I am truly enjoying the additional weapon attack options. It makes it more interesting to experiment with additional weapons in different scenarios. I would love to see this taken a step further and work with the type of armor the enemies are wearing to give them additional vulnerability/resistance (leather vs piercing and scale mail vs piercing). I would also like to see more variety with range weapons, such that a crossbow hit would improve chances of knocking out a weapon or knocking back an opponent compared to a short bow for example. I would love to see a short bow being better at getting that ham string shot and restricting movement as it is easier to wield and aim as examples.
2. Food being used for resting is great instead of healing. I really like it and it gives short rests more utility. I hope you keep it.
3. Magic missiles can still miss and hit cliffs - that needs to be fixed ***
4. Sorcerers wild magic - its fun but it has no impact on the gameplay and I dont see myself ever picking that unless it has an actual impact on any outcome in a fight. Not once during the whole play through did the wild magic make any difference at all (negative or positive). I agree it adds flavor but as a major option for the MAIN character in the game it should have a noticeable impact on the game (Example: summon an elemental or fireball goes off centered on the character, cast darkness spell on character, etc). Those will be memorable during the fight. I honestly dont even remember most of the fight (maybe a 1d4 additional damage on weapons, or healing, but it had no impact overall).
5. When one character interacts with an NPC, if another character (present in the party), would be better at a certain skill they would jump into the conversation. The only time I remember the other characters are involved is for example when Monster hunter is after Astarion and he is in the party and he interacts with him. I know it is a lot of work to have the animations, but at least have the other characters dialog options available for them to jump into the conversation. I do like how on skill rolls you can add cantrips or spells from characters to improve your odds of succeeding a roll, so this would be just in the same spirit.

Minor Bugs/Suggestion:
1. Unable to split items inside the Traveler's chest/Chest (example - I had 14 backpacks supplies and was unable to use them to rest, but due to weight I could not put them on the character).
2. Allow food to be used from the traveler's chest to be used for rest
3. Sussar bark recipe cannot be used on the adamantium scimitar - its a masterclass weapon, should be able to imbue magic? laugh
4. Forge should work with copper/iron and other metal's just the weapon quality is not as good
5. The Adamantium golem is huge - we should be able to get additional adamantium from him to use in the forge (1 extra please)
6. You should not be able to pass items during a fight from one character to the next as if they are right next to eachother (potions, scrolls).

Great job and keep it up! So excited for the full release!