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Okay, I get this, but I really don't. Do people really even understand what a goblin is in the Forgotten Realms?

Goblins are a shining example what you don't want your race to degenerate into. They mostly live in caves, eat anything they can get their filthy mitts on, including carrion or each other. They live in open communal spaces without latrines or other means of sanitation. Their leadership is completely based on domination. Consent is a foreign concept for their women. They are extremely greedy as a rule. They are quick to anger and violence comes easily to them.

Goblins as a rule don't farm unless they are made into farmers by an overlord. They are often too lazy and unskilled to be successful hunters. This leaves them with raids on other communities, be they goblin or otherwise, and banditry.

There are no FR stories that I'm aware of that portray a goblin lair as anything other then a cesspit. The sewers of human cities are cleaner and healthier to live in than a goblin lair.

Now, that being said, how does anyone RP tolerating the stink? These creatures literally crap in their beds, then go say hello to the dirty adventurers that the boss invited into the filth of their home.

In fact, these are obvious things, but this does not cancel the double standards - the children of some rational beings can be killed because they are evil, while the children of others hypocritically cannot, because they are "good". Why can't I kill those nasty tieflings who robbed me? Stealing from the main character is as much a motive to attack as goblin children throwing stones at a bear.

Or maybe I'm playing as a complete scumbag and want to personally execute Arabella to show the shadow druids what a bastard I am. Why not? Why can't you kill good children, but you can kill bad children in this game?

Although a gang of teenage tiefling thieves can't be called "good", they can't be dealt with just because of their race...

Either make everyone immortal, or give the ability to kill everyone. Both options are good, I don't mind if the goblin kids just run away with 1 hp

Minthara is the best character and she NEEDS to be recruitable if you side with the grove!