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I don't mind if the goblin kids just run away with 1 hp
Quite honestly i would ...
1hp imortality is just as lame as regular imortality, if not even more, since the only difference is that it only allows you to also waste some resources. -_-

I think we SHOULD be able to kill them ... it doesnt really matter what are their aligment, or what are our reasons ... those are things for us to concider, not Larian. :-/

The best middle ground i can think about it, would be make them KO instead of dead ...
Then let them dissapear without a trace after long rest, just as most (not every tho!) npc does right now.

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My answer would be not to give them immunity, but to make it pointless. 0 Exp and no loot on any bodies of a character under age. Repercussions would be against your reputation. Maybe a forced expulsion from the Grove, but at least one merchant tells you what a great job you did and that they will be happy to work with you out of the cave that you find that druid in. Making people unkillable is lazy. Making consequences for killing people you don't want killed is harder.
Agreed 100%

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown