And now we're back to what SEEMS to be the core of the issue.

Larian is creating a troll game. They, the DM, are just messing with all of us and having a great time of it. The game, Single or Multiplayer, is being crafted so players can troll one another and exploit all sorts of things just for the fun of it - thus not a serious RPG. Then, to boot, they are crafting story and dialogue to troll people, making it so tiefling kids can troll you, and there's nothing you can do about it. And then, to boot, making it so you have to kill goblin kids if you're "good", thus making good people feel guilty about killing kids. Even making bad players - people who choose the murder all Grove people (not that they are bad people per se) - feel guilty about killing everyone in the Grove.

I hope this is actually not true, but right now it sure seems true.

I honestly still have hope that they are not actually being this way on purpose and that they will fix it for all areas where this seems to be the case. I still really like this game, but I am starting to see more and more of the flaws. But that's what EA is for right? Right?

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