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[quote=ArmouredHedgehog]Same rules for all. If it lives and our characters are strong enough to defeat it they should have the option to attemt to do so. 'Real' world politics should not need to be reflected in games. It reminds me of some professors talking about the actuality and current relevance of literary classics as if relating to current events were the best way to make a classic. grin

True! But in some parts of the world (I think Europe?), the rating changes MASSIVELY if children can be killed/are seen dying.

No we love being able to play games the way we want to, restrictions in rpgs SUCK

Ah... A truly Chaotic way of thinking.

Problem with chaos is, evil likes to thrive in it. When and where do you draw the line? Murdering kids is okay, but rape?... Child molestation?... Child sacrifice?... When is it too much? When do you cross the line and it becomes just plain wrong?