It just irks me to no end we can't rest in actual suitable locations when we find them.

Contemplation Chamber in Grymforge.

It's secluded and secure with a door you can close. It has a campfire and even benches and bedrolls around it for gathering the party. It's a meaningful actual location compared to the weird empty non-areas we are forced to camp in. You have Sharran journals to read and long dead corpses to examine while camping. Most of all, you are still connected to the game world while you are there.

There are many places you find while exploring where you get the feeling "this would be a great place to rest in". So WHY do we have to teleport to an off-the-map non-location for camping??? It's weird, unnecessary and it completely disconnects you from the real game world. You don't know where you are, the place has no exits, it looks like the place you were in but it's not. It's nowhere.

And you know you are completely safe as only the player can enter this weird 100% safe pocket dimension. Why exactly do we want to lose all sense of danger while exploring and camping in dangerous places? This just seems like such a bad design choice in every way.

Just... why??

edit: and please, if the answer is "because we want to 100% control all shots for companion dialogue", it's definitely not worth it.

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