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There are places in the game where a "safe camp" is logical.

1. Dank Crypt after you open the sealed door. Ability to close the sealed door behind you and make camp in the small hall/room just before the stairs. OR even make safe camp in the Dank Crypt itself below since nothing is moving/living down there.

2. The Grove.

3. Harper camp. On that high hill, it makes sense that you could have a "safe camp" with maybe a 1% chance of a random encounter while resting. Though why you'd need to rest there when the grove is so close, I don't know.

4. Owlbear cave after you've killed the owlbears. Again, why not rest at the grove, I don't know, but it could be a good safe camp because the smell would keep other intruders out.

5. Waukeen's Rest after you've helped save people.

6. Windmill in Moonhaven, top level, because you command an awesome view of the surroundings and could see enemies coming a mile away. So, maybe not 100% no random encounters, but a 3% chance of a random encounter or something similar.

7. Zhent camp.

8. Spaw's Grotto

9. Selunite Outpost in the Underdark

10. Arcane Tower in the Underdark

11. Philomeen's location in Grymforge

12. The forge area in Grymforge because no one knows how to get there

Places like these would make great safe camps or relative safe camps with very low chance of random encounters, if they were to implement random encounters.
Yep, and Blighted Village as an entire area is logical after you've cleared it. You have many houses there, shelter, fireplaces, even beds. And cellars that could be more safe than surface. Also if you rest there before you've cleared it -> perfect chance for goblins to come looking at night where the smoke is coming from. The world is alive and works in logical ways. IMMERSION !

Then there's the common sense aspect. It makes absolutely no sense that while in the Selunite Fortress, you would leave the fortress and make your way through the Underdark while the party is tired and vulnerable to your special campsite somewhere because you would rather rest there than in a closed fortress with magical wards. I can't believe Larian don't care about this kind of logic in their game world.

I would very much want to have to make the choice where to camp during my adventures. Clicking a button to teleport to a safe off-world area is such a boring and meaningless mechanic no matter how gorgeous the area design is. Even fast traveling back to the closest safe area would be better than fast traveling to your personal pocket dimension without needing powerful magic to do so. The rest mechanic in BG3 essentially means the player has free access to Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion, a 7th level spell for safe resting. I would also like such spells to be meaningful later on. They separate Wizards from Sorcerers who can't afford to pick such niche spells in a very wizardly way, and make arcane casters cool in a unique way. And that includes excluding just anyone casting them from scrolls.

It's odd that the fireplaces in many places that seem suitable for Long Rest are actually named "Campfire". Those can be found in Blighted Village, Dank Crypt, Harper Camp and many other places. It's like they had a better resting system planned but decided to scrap it before EA.

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