OMG, and what about camping in Moonhaven at night and suddenly get pounced on in a random encounter where spiders come up out of the well and find you and ambush you? Spider webs are EVERYWHERE in Moonhaven, so why the flip not? Allow even camping on the roof of one of the buildings and then surprise! Attack by spiders who crawl up there to get you... Maybe... Should RNG call for it.

Or bars... Giant bats... Or WHATEVER.

Or you're camping at that spot in the bog near the swamp docks where ettercaps supposedly attacked whoever was camping there. Bam! Random Encounter. Ettercaps return... Or zombies come out of the putrid waters...Or whatever attacks you now because it is a nasty, dangerous bog.

So, it's a risk you take. Do you hoof it back to the grove to rest, chancing encounters on the way, or do you risk sleeping in a dangerous bog?

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