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Yes it is. To digress from the topic, I’m not surprised they went this way with the casting but it does seem to deviate from the source material. I guess you could say the same thing about Larian’s interpretation.

Tolkien's elves are, ah, different, but...can you imagine the head honchos of most film/television studios going out of their way to...

A) Cast (human) actors that look elfin/angular/willowy*?
B) Greenlight a significant budget for makeup and/or prosthetics designed to augment an elfin visage?
C) Greenlight a significant budget for targeted CGI that further augments the aforementioned makeup and prosthetics?

Sadly, I think accurately representing "true" elves will remain the purview of fully-animated works.

*IMO, with little outward modification, actors like Claire Forlani could quite easily play Half-Elves. These folks are out there.