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Chaos isn't inherently evil, though.

Ah, but it is a major breeding ground for evil.

Then again, so can very strict law and order. 😮

What is good? Balance? Neutrality? But if neutral is good, then is good bad? 🤕

Good is law and order abided by in conjunction with love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

Without law, anything goes, and it is survival of the fittest. Savage brutes can get away with whatever they want without fear, but those who are weaker must fear constantly.

Law provides conditions where things can flow together in unity, harmony and piece, but only if tempered with patience and love.

There are three ways to rule: the head, the heart, and the hand.

The head is smart, but fails to show compassion. It abides by strict law and judgment without caring for the people the law is supposed to serve. Lawful neutral or even lawful evil.

The heart rules with emotions, which are like the wind or the seas. One day, they are calm, and the next turbulent and destructive.

The hand is action and force. Those who rule by the hand rule through coercion and fear.

But if one rules with the head, heart and hand together in balance, they rule wisely, justly, fairly, and with boldness, courage and strength.