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Tweaking doesn't mean making it frictionless and surely doesn't mean "We can throw the rules out of the window at will in the mid of playing it".
It seems to me a little like you have feeling that exactly this is happening ... while at the same time you are trying really hard to convince me that this cant be happening. O_o

It isnt quite easy to react on something like that. laugh

Lets focus on those differences, shall we? smile
//Edit (sory i posted too soon, my bad laugh ):
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Sticking to the key point here: the player workaround around the soft restriction in this case (having the option to take few minutes to walk all the way back the previous closest camp) comes with a price, which is precisely the minor inconvenience of that time they'll need to waste.
Yup ... you said that earlier.
But the question is how is that better?

I mean i feel like i know the answer, but i would rather hear it from you. smile

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