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Chess wouldn't be chess is players would be allowed to change a piece moveset at will when he's in a tight spot.

A better analogy might be saying that all chess games should be timed, because untimed games are too easy.

Then someone else says, why not time your games and let me play untimed games?

To which the response is: if chess games didn't have to be timed, who could then be expected to limit themselves by playing a timed game?

And yet... life doesn't seem to work that way, despite arbitrary statements and confident assertions otherwise.

People who like timed games play them every day. And people who don't like timed games play without a clock.

Not quite. Restricting resting is a fundamental rule in D&D. AGAIN, if you don't, wizards and clerics unbalance the game, making all other classes boring and unnecessary. If I, as a wizard, can fireball 3 times, rest and keep fireballing 3 times per battle, I won't need anyone else. I can perch a good distance from enemies and rain fireballs all the way to the end of the game because I can literally wipe out tons of enemies with 3 fireballs per battle, and after each battle I can just long rest.

So, it's like playing chess and allowing the queen piece to be able to return to the board every turn. I can sacrifice her as much as I want to take out enemy pieces because I know I can return her to the board at the start of my next turn. Suddenly, no other piece on the board matters. Why move any other piece but the queen because I removed the rule that says she can only return if I get a pawn to the other side.