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You know what I don't want? To feel like I'm being railroaded. I only get enough supplies to rest every four encounters. That tells me I'm not playing in an open world. I'm playing on a railroad and being forced down a childlike linear path. I have no interest in that.
You DO realize that there's a (VAST) middle ground between "being railroaded hardcore" and being left completely unchecked with no limitation, restriction or inconvenience whatsoever, right?
And that finding that middle ground is precisely the role of any half-competent game designer?

Taking your fairly absurd example, you worry about "HAVING JUST ENOUGH SUPPLIES TO REST X TIMES" when in reality the current build of the game has in the first half of act 1 enough supplies for arguably the entire three-acts final game.
AND that's being wasteful with it and resting plentifully.
How is that a fine-tuned experience? It makes camp supplies literally an irrelevant resource from a mechanical standpoint.
Your fearmongering here is ridiculous, no game designer of any triple A product is ever going to leave you starving for essential resources.

Also, I know you love to be dismissive of what the core audience may think, but incidentally your opinion is not even shared by the devs here.
Did you watch Swen Vincke's post mortem of DOS 1 and 2? Did you hear him talk about how "they panicked, they literally panicked" when at the release of DOS 2 they realized the game got way too easy way too quickly and that was making a lot of early players disappointed? To the point they had to rush an update out fo the door to raise difficulty across the board in some areas?

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