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Yeah, and you can even like using Google to pick your next move, when you are playing in your living room. So? Who the hell cares?
But in a tournament you will play by the rules, and the game needs to be designed with these rules in mind and put a system in place to make these rules have meaning and be enforced, rather than being a matter of self-restriction.

You are REALLY trying to be disingenuous about this, uh.
What's next, your good old "appeal to popularity"? Dismissing what forum dwellers and D&D nerds think because "The majority of the casual players will be happy anyway"?

You can use a clock or not. That's self-restriction.

I don't think there are any BG3 tournaments.

But in a tournament, all the players agree to the established rules. You are free to establish rules with other players you might want to multiplayer with.

You are not, however, free to establish rules for other players you aren't playing with.

Nothing I have said is disingenuous. It all makes sense. It's not difficult to parse.

You keep talking like the clock is a fundamental element of chess. Resting is a FUNDAMENTAL element of D&D. DMs do not allow players to long rest after every battle because it doesn't make sense to do so in an adventure story. Characters should do a TON of stuff per day, not adventure 5-10 minutes and HAVE to long rest in order to continue. That's a terrible system.

Again, it's like taking a fundamental rule of chess and removing it. This isn't just a convenience or a matter of playing the game however you like. At level 5, mages and clerics WILL become damage monsters, blowing everything away.

Imagine facing the phase spider Matriarch fight, but you got to level 5 first. Gale has fireball. Matriarch stands on web. Gale fireballs it. 8d6 damage. She falls because web is burned up. Another 3d6 damage. You're playing a sorcerer. You also have fireball. 8d6 again to matriarch while she's prone. She ports up to another web. Wash, rinse repeat. She does it again. Wash, rinse, repeat. She's dead or close to dead.

And why was I able to do this? Because I fought the ettercaps and previous phase spiders, long rested, and fought the Matriarch. I used fireballs like crazy with the previous battle, slept in their home, and fought the Matriarch and did the same thing again.

Without SOME sort of restriction, the queen becomes OP in chess and all other pieces are useless. The queen MUST have restrictions or no other pieces matter. Likewise, a wizard and/or cleric without Long Rest restrictions make all other classes useless.

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