Depending on the competition, I've found time restraints to often make chess easier, unless the opponent is experienced enough to not need a significant amount of thinking time. But it's a poor analogy either way. Personally, I think short/long rests are tricky from a design PoV. Played around with it a bit in the back of my mind, and what I concluded with was a solution that I'm not sure D&D fans would want, at least if expecting a "tabletop sim".

I'd consider removing the resting system as it stands right now completely, and instead, make it a narrative tool and for pacing, as a DM would. Most experienced DM I know (of the good ones, anyway...), tend to agree that combat encounters should in some shape or form tie in to and drive the narrative forward, whether big or small - Or at least a chance to. Perhaps the bandit carries a letter or item that guides the player into a nearby town to ask around for clues, or perhaps that goblin leader pleads as it draws its last few breaths before death, crying out a name, or whatever. And then either the narrative guides the players back to camp or the tavern through the story - Where any other attempt to have a rest, the player "asks the DM" by hitting the usual Go To Camp button for the DM to determine if they qualify or not. If they don't, the companions would instead have a voice bark (saying a comment as they do sometimes in world, Larian calls these voice barks), saying they're not ready to rest yet, they should go talk to that guy in town while they know for sure he's there - Or whichever other clue is relevant to the next objective unlocking next rest session.

Or something like that. Not fully fleshed out, but the gist is I think D&D in video games will always be limited by not having a live DM, it will play differently because of it no matter what. So some systems may be either superficial or be impossible to make right because of it simply having been designed with a tabletop format in mind, with real human minds improvising and adapting on the spot, without computer software limitations. Obviously, it's too far into the development cycle to rework now, arguably it was even too late when EA released for such a fundamental design idea to have content made around it.

Right now something like Mrfuji said above would probably be the easiest quick fix to appeal to different players 😅