I've grown accustomed to the camp/rest system in BG3 and yeah I agree with many of the improvements suggested here – but if this is the way things are headed, there are a few simple things that I would really like to see implemented:

1) Calculate the required number of camp supplies to rest based on the number of people (and creatures) at camp, not the arbitrary "40"

2) Include the contents of the Traveller's Chests as selectable when you hit the bedrolls/campfire to choose supplies – hunting around for those chests and transferring food to your inventory first is a chore

3) Make ALL companions 'part of the team' while you're at camp so you can manipulate their inventories, hotbars etc without having to ask them to join/leave the party – you could even have a popup to select your team when you leave camp which might encourage changing things up occasionally (keep your current team selected by default though so there aren't extra steps to leave camp)