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Having lost rests interrupted by baddies is almost a staple of D&D. Really hope we get some random encounters in the final release.
Or at the very least having to somehow work your way to a safe place to rest when in a hostile location.

When you're in a dangerous place with monsters crawling about everywhere but always have that convenient button to teleport to complete safety to rest... it's not really a dangerous place at all. It's just a big immersion fail for me.

On that note I'm curious to see if they'll implement Leomund's Tiny Hut at all, it becomes redundant with the teleport to camp
I was really hoping we would finally see flavorful utility spells like these in a CRPG. Tiny Hut and Magnificent Mansion (What is Raphael's House of Hope, actually?). Larian seems to be the right developer to even consider such. I guess if they make longer no-rest zones like the Hag's lair it could still be possible.

But they seem to hesitate to implement a meaningful resting mechanic which would mean you'd actually have to manage your resources. Like D&D is designed.