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Having lost rests interrupted by baddies is almost a staple of D&D. Really hope we get some random encounters in the final release.
Or at the very least having to somehow work your way to a safe place to rest when in a hostile location.

When you're in a dangerous place with monsters crawling about everywhere but always have that convenient button to teleport to complete safety to rest... it's not really a dangerous place at all. It's just a big immersion fail for me.

On that note I'm curious to see if they'll implement Leomund's Tiny Hut at all, it becomes redundant with the teleport to camp
I was really hoping we would finally see flavorful utility spells like these in a CRPG. Tiny Hut and Magnificent Mansion (What is Raphael's House of Hope, actually?). Larian seems to be the right developer to even consider such. I guess if they make longer no-rest zones like the Hag's lair it could still be possible.

But they seem to hesitate to implement a meaningful resting mechanic which would mean you'd actually have to manage your resources. Like D&D is designed.

The bottom line is that in order to truly have a solid game with good D&D feel, they need to redo a lot, and at this point I doubt they will. What I mean is that players might be fine without long resting in the beginning but only because they fight intellect devourers that aren't true intellect devourers. They're injured brain dogs that have no resistance and don't use Devour Intellect or Body Thief. If they fought true devourers, they'd need party of 6 and probably a long rest immediately after.

At level 3 or 4, fighting the ettercaps and phase spiders would and should be considered Deadly encounters. In fact, when I assessed every encounter, it was Deadly. Meaning, chances are, you will need a long rest after each one. The entire game's encounters are designed to be one Extremely Deadly encounter after another.

So, though I want a better camp/rest system, what it really requires is a complete overhaul, which frankly I also want. But realistically we're probably not getting. We need redesigned encounters where we fight lower level enemies that we can handle, have about 5-6 encounters of the sort, and then short rest. Have another 5-6 encounters and long rest. Something like that with monsters we were meant to face at lower levels.

So, on the Nautiloid, dredges and manes. On the beach, something more like cultists and thralls and giant rats and crabs and kobolds and snakes and twig blights... In dank Crypt, normal skeletons and not spellcasting scribes... In the grove, goblins are fine but harpies??? That many harpies is insane for low levels.

The point is that we quite honestly need lots of long rests because the game is designed too extreme. We wouldn't even be having this conversation if they had decent fights for low level characters because no one would feel the need to long rest often if the fights were more appropriate.