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Guys, allow me to remind you something about time in this game... The game has a running clock in its code, and that clock is disconnected from long rests. More details here https://forums.larian.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=97909&Number=776950#Post776950
And they could just make things work exactly by the book using that clock to fix the whole imbalance problem. In the book it states that "A character can’t benefit from more than one Long Rest in a 24-hour period".
This is certainly an option for restricting long rests, but it has similar problems as other suggestions. How does Larian determine how much game-time has passed? Does 1 real-time second equal 1 in-game minute? Do they base it on events/locations reached/dialogue, where each event passes time by X amount? The latter has similar problems as the camp locations and/or exhaustion mechanic.

What happens if you're out of resources but only 16 hours of in-game time have passed? Do you just have to afk until enough time has passed? Or can you speed up time to instantly wait 8 more hours and then rest? If the latter, how is this different from the current system of unlimited long rests? And in either case, are there any consequences for doing so?

I think that long resting should govern time (game should only record days), rather than in-game time governing long resting. And various quests will progress on day-timescales, where e.g. the Tollhouse burns down if you long rest (a day has passed) after reaching it.

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camping and supplies sure do make the game more difficult and thrilling but it may cause certain "point of no return" if players weren't aware. it will be great if larian decide to do so, then make sure there's a non deletable auto saved games checkpoint.
This is an important consideration, which is why it'd be *easier* to discourage long rests (companion disapproval, having to manually walk back to the previous camp instead of pushing forward to the next) instead of restricting them based on time-passed or events/encounters faced/locations reached.

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