1. I didn't do the Auntie Ethel event before going to the Underdark. From there I used the teleporting circle to appear at the backyard of her house. But the locked door did not show, it showed as an open doorway that I could not cross when I tried to. I solved this by using Githyanki jump to the veranda on my right, then when I tried to access the doorway from theother side it now displayed the door properly and I could lockpick it.

There has been many other graphical glitches like this since patch 7's introduction of blackened rooms.

2. When companion would die, often it will change icon from being knocked out to one with a star, but the companion still isn't dead, it's still only knocked out indefinitely and can be healed. (edit: not a bug)

3. Attacking a prone enemy doesn't give advantage.

4. When Astarion is hiding and tries to do a ranged Sneak Attack it says "Cannot have disadvantage against target". Not sure if it is every time, but it happens a lot. (apparently an old bug)

5. The map is bugged and now usually doesn't show explored areas after you load a save.

6. Astarion gets no penalty for wearing the Speedy Lightfeet boots despite them being medium armor. Tooltip says he is not proficient but it doesn't apply any negatives (A Thief Astarion is really awesome with these boots!).

7. Not sure if it's a bug, but when visiting the area where Dhourn should be a Spectator was there, and then it spawned Dhourn who immediateöly joined combat on its side. I might remember wrong on how it should be, but should there be a dialogue with him after killing the Beholder?

I will keep adding more bugs as I discover them.

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