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OK. Totally in Camp KILL-ALL-TIEFLING-CHILDREN now. It's unavoidable, to be honest. You put children in the game, and you're going to have to make them killable. You can't have the invincible tiefling children missiles you do now.

So, here's what led me to this:

I am able to use Mirkon, the boy tiefling down by the river with the harpies, as an Invincible throwing projectile. I throw him, he dies. He is immediately resurrected all on his own. I throw him again. He dies. He is immediately resurrected, free of charge. In fact, the harpies killed him and I resurrected him by throwing him at a harpy, dealing damage to him, and bringing him back to life while damaging the harpy. Because I, the player, threw his carcass, he was made into a GOD!!!

Resurrection by throwing! Now that's a new one.

Sorry, but you can't have invincible characters in a game like this. If I can use any character as a projectile to deal damage, and they can take damage, they need to be able to be killed.

And, on top of that, if they can kill me, I should be able to kill them. So, yeah, I'm in full agreement. DEATH TO THE TIEFLING CHILDREN!!!

Geez! That sounds mass-murderer-y/psychopathic serial killer-y!

Gah! What am I becoming? THE MADNESS!!!

Invincible NPCs are like Atlas; like Atlas, they too hold up the world.