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You're right that it's more appropriate for D/N-cycle thread on its own, but at the same time camping is related to D/N-cycle. You're not supposed to be able to maintain your effectiveness for 2-3 days without resting you're not supposed to be able to benefit from long rest too often. As result on one side you need to do things to move time, on the other side if you move it too far you're too tired to do more things, and if you don't move it far enough your long rest does nothing but time-skiping which is jeopardizing possible timed quests... you see how it all building on each other?
I do! Camping and long rests and D/N cycles are all certainly related, and any good solution should address all of these together. Bracketing resting on either side would improve the game imo....if implemented in a good way of course. And I agree that time flow dependent on actions > X game-time corresponding to Y real-time imo.