I am fine with 4. My favourite rpg of all time DAO (heavily modded) is 4. So is Mass Effect, I guess I just got used to it. As much as I play Neverwinter 1&2 and BGT (Baldur's Gate Trilogy Mod) once per year or so, when I started playing BG3, it didn't feel strange that we were limited at all. I am not familiar with the D&D rule set after 3.5, my main concern is with the number of memorized spells, it feels a little low, but then again, we are only level 4, which is a bit annoying since there is enough XP in this early access to get into level 6 or even 7. I am not sure who they are going to scale everything. Still I am gratified that modding is a thing for this game. We might even be able to tailor party size to whatever we want.