I would like to see most/all interactions to follow suit with how perception is done. The main proposed improvement would be while within dialogue and a skillcheck is required. Currently, only the active character's skill is considered (with any buffs eg Guidance) are considered. This feels a little awkward and punishing. If I am leading the front of a party as a Barbarian and then have an encounter that requires high charisma, allow the party member with the highest fitting skill modifier to be used as the base. In D&D, the face would usually step in and do what they do best. They wouldn't usually just stand there, as a non-proficient party member tries to blunder their way through the check. This should be done automatically, as far as choosing the character with the highest modifier.

Stretch goal: could even add in flavor by allowing additional pros/cons depending on the party makeup.

Loving the latest patch and the QoL. Love how much Larian has listened to the fans. We will be patiently anticipating full-release in a year (or how long it takes to tell the tale).