Food is a good Long Rest limitation as long as they limit it more. I honestly don't think they need to tweak it much.

When I first played the game, not knowing what to expect, I was hording food like I was playing a survival game. I was thinking that since food is in the game, and I just crashed with virtually nothing in an unknown wilderness, I am probably going to need tons of food to make it. Stinky fish sitting in the sun on the shore in a bucket? Yep. Gonna take it, and hopefully it won't spoil.

Then I realized it was, at the time, used for healing and not survival at all, and suddenly I didn't view it as important. With the Camping Supplies mechanics, we find so much, again it's useless. It's just extra junk we need to collect.

But, a few limitations could change all that. Food spoils. Some more than others. So, I think food should have the following characteristics in conjunction with resting:

1. Short rest cost camp supplies/food. The whole point of a short rest is taking a break to recover energy and stamina and mend wounds, eat food. It should cost less than long rest, but definitely something.

2. Water should be a camping supply. You need it, more than food, to survive.

3. Long rest cost based on character level and camp members. The more you have, the more expensive. So maybe think about who you really want to take with you.

4. Food should spoil. Nothing too severe, but fish after a long rest or two most should be no good. Fruits and veggies last longer, like a week or two, but meat and stuff should go bad after a long rest or two, thus potentially reducing your supplies more quickly and making some foods more valuable than others. Meat maybe provides more camping supply points, but you can't keep it around as long.

Do this, and you probably wouldn't need to change how much food you find currently in the game. Then, on top of that, limit all resting to designated rest zones, and resting would be good. Some limitations that make sense without limiting too much.

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