It's Baldur's Gate 3. The third in a series of serious RPG games. Most D&D RPG's are serious.

Neverwinter Nights - Wailing Death plague slaughtering countless lives and people wailing in the streets as their loved ones wither away before their eyes. Quite serious.

Icewind Dale - Something is plaguing the people in the northern lands. Folks are dying. Something sinister is happening there. Do something before everyone dies.

Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, the Prequels - You are a
God of Murder's child who is fighting against your murderous blood. Unfortunately, the only way you can even try to overcome your heritage is to murder a bunch of people. You have to go around fighting and killing countless enemies just to survive, and all the while you are fighting to NOT become your father, THE GOD OF MURDER. Pretty dark and serious stuff. (Or you're accepting your heritage and thus becoming a GOD OF MURDER yourself. Either way, pretty dang serious and dark.)

The point is, BG3 SHOULD be a serious RPG. Why? Because it's the third installment in an entire string of serious RPGs.