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Neverwinter Nights - Wailing Death plague slaughtering countless lives and people wailing in the streets as their loved ones wither away before their eyes.
Yep, and they do it while your companion Linu tells you her story full of slap-stick moments. And they keep on with it, while you steal a caricature for Moon Mask madam and while you blackmail a Tyr priest for collaborating with the brothel. And even while you talk to a cultist who pretends to be a priest of Helm and all he can tell you about Helm is "ugh... eh... well... you know... he's good god and... yeah! he will help us all!"
Neverwinter Nights was sooooo serious. Don't let me to get even started on how serious was the visual and sound design of the game.

PS: That game was freaking full with dark humor, sarcasm and irony.

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