Wow! They missed the entire point of what I was saying.

There's a big difference between Linu telling you stupid stories amidst a tragic background. Humor in storytelling helps keep the story from becoming so dark no one is having fun. Minsc and Boo stand ready helps keep levity and keeps players from getting depressed because all they're doing in the game is butchering countless creatures and people. Banter makes things fun and brightens the atmosphere.

I'm talking about gameplay mechanics that can be used to do absolutely absurd, ridiculous things. Picking up tieflings and using them as immortal missiles is only one of these. Let's talk, AGAIN, about shoving 300+ feet, jumping 30+ feet without magic assistance over a 2+ meter tall monster like a minotaur or ogre, yeeting a cat who knows how far across a massive chasm into a phase spider infested lair and then having him stealth and even short rest...

Things so unbelievable you'd find them maybe in a kids or teenagers' comic book or TV show. I don't want BG3 to be some silly Saturday Morning Cartoon version of D&D.

Ever watch the old D&D Saturday Morning Cartoon? Compare that to Lord of the Rings Movies. That's the difference here. The old cartoon still had monsters and magic and even some serious stuff happening, but it was so goofy and corny with so many unbelievable things happening that you just cringe if you ever watch it and you aren't a kid. You don't take the setting or the story or anything seriously because it's just so ridiculous.

That's what BG3 is turning into right now. The more I'm playing it, the less serious I can take it, and all I ever get as an explanation is, "Well, that's how Larian wants to develop the game. They want it to be made for multiplayer so players can troll one another with things like throwing things at one another from 100 feet away or shoving one another into lava pits for 1-Hit KOs or picking pockets from players while they are in dialogue, or seeing what other game mechanics they can break just because it's dumb stupid fun."

The game is DEgressing in a lot of ways, and throwing tiefling children around like immortal missiles is just the most recent example.

The other games were not dumb stupid fun where people went around doing such dumb stuff. They were adventures, and while they had some stupid elements to them and corny lines and even breaking the 4th wall, they were still serious adventures. And yes, some mechanics were also stupid, like a critical hit causing a monster to explode into blood and guts in Neverwinter Nights. But they were limited and didn't overpower the game. They weren't like Dumb and Dumber plays D&D beating each other up with salamis and thinking its fun.