Renaming won't help, just look how they are doing it:

The launcher displaying a data mismatch error can appear due to unsupported mods, corrupt files, or unknown data. This can be from installed mod files, old data files from previous patches, or even your favorite image of Astarion you’ve decided to save in the games Data or bin folder.

I mean, Himmel Herrgott, why it's done this way? You create a checklist of all files the game contains, along with their sizes, and (if you are really paranoid) their checksums. That's it. If someone manages to save a picture of Astarion's ugly mug in that folder, it should be no problem, because the game doesn't know of that file, and will never touch it.

Porca madonna, what a bunch of amateurs. They are literally stepping on their own rakes.

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