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'm talking about gameplay mechanics that can be used to do absolutely absurd, ridiculous things. Picking up tieflings and using them as immortal missiles is only one of these. Let's talk, AGAIN, about shoving 300+ feet, jumping 30+ feet without magic assistance over a 2+ meter tall monster like a minotaur or ogre, yeeting a cat who knows how far across a massive chasm into a phase spider infested lair and then having him stealth and even short rest...
You mean like Algernon's cloak, the limitless ranged charm that let you create armies of puppets in BG1? You can finish the game just using that item alone. I've been playing BG1 & 2 on and off for years, and it's full of silly tricks. It's one of the things I find charming about the games. Tbh I have the impression that you simply don't know the mechanics (which are full of exploits) of the original games all that well.

It's telling that people defending the tone of Larian's attempt have to stretch further than Mister Fantastic in order to reach a flaccid comparison such as an optional cloak.