Are they though? That's part of the problem. We've been told that they're going to produce the game however they want and the modders can do whatever they want.

If it is easy for modders to make it a party of six, will they waste their time on it themselves?

But the problem I have is that I hate mods. They cause the computer to crash or the game to crash. When there's an update, it may mess up my save file and I have to start all over again. I don't always trust the site I'm getting the mod from. How do you know there aren't viruses?

And then there is the matter of how the game is not really balanced for a party of six. I mean, I had fun with it even though it was super easy, and some fights were still challenging. However, there are some battles that are just so ridiculously easy because they aren't giving the monsters the proper stats and stuff.

Example, the three devourers after the beach. If I have a party of four customs, those devours are super easy. If it's just me and Shadow heart, it's a little bit more balanced but only because they're just dumb brain dogs. They're not actual devours. If they were real devours, a party of six would be severely challenged even if they're wounded. Resistance to just about any weapon, plus their devour intellect ability, these alone without body thief make them hard for four or five party members. They become ridiculously impossible for two level one characters.