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If you are going to use set locations on the map for campsites, why not just make warp stones = campsites?
Clicking on a warp stone would give the option of travel to a different known warp stone, or rest for the day. Then instead of taking the time to make a bunch of different locales for all of the scripted camp companion scenes, they can use the warp stone as the background in each dialogue scene and it would apply wherever one may be.

They've already made these mini-camps. I was just trying to give them an idea on how they could take what they've already done and put it into the game with little disruption to their current game map.

A lot of us have a problem with camps that are just not anywhere. They're nebulous. You click long rest in the Underdark and teleport to a magical campsite that looks cool but where is it located? There's no location at all. It's just some pocket realm that you, for some reason, go to that's totally safe. And yet, the tieflings can meet you there for a party, and Volo, and Withers, and even the dog Scratch. They can all somehow magically get there and even know where it is.

Very weird and unimmersive.

Having some sort of explanation would be nice. Rune takes you to a real location somewhere in the area and no one else can get there. Other mini-camps can be easily incorporated into map locations as I mentioned. Just trying to gain some semblance of realism in this very strange wonderland called BG3 EA.