I got what you are saying, that's why I said use the warp stones. They are already in place and scattered abundantly around. So long as you are not in combat or within a set range of hostiles just camp right there at the wrap stone, no warping to pocket dimensions required.

However now that I'm thinking about this and other "set location" ideas. I'm not sure they would work as well as we are thinking. How do you return to you camp for some supplies you forgot? Does every set location campsite have a storage chest and all are linked?

Honestly I'm not a fan of the current implementation, but I can see a few issues with other suggestions as well, so I'm not really sure how I'd change it. Personally I'd keep what we have basically, but make the camp an actual world location(unable to be missed after waking on the beach) with a warp stone and require warping back to the camp to rest from another warp stone. No immersion breakage here...except for maybe the warp stones themselves. hehe