I like the idea with runes in camp ... suggested the same some time ago. smile

I font quite like the idea that the first rune should coveniently transport you to random location that again juat coveniently become your camp ...
Those runes are controlled purposely by user and he must know his final destination ... at least that was used as excuse ... sory explanation for us being unable to use any rune until we discover it. :-/

But i believe there is potential ...
We could go around the cliff that falls down behind us and ruin the path ... or go through cave woth simmilar result ... there can be damaged bridge and water can take down the rest after we get on the other side ... something like that.

The only problem is that border of our camp from one side is just small river that wpuld be crossed by single step and then there is regular forest ... so, no protection at all. laugh

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