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So, it felt exact, but it was actually abstract. I get that.
Certainly doesnt seems like you do ...

Lets try another example:
Would Mordor be any closer to the Shire ... if we would cut out all those nice looking, spinings shots of nature of New Zeland?
Probably not ...

Would the move be shorter?
Yes, a LOT shorter.

Just as you traveling from the Grove, to Blighted Village ... it only takes few seconds, bcs those hours of camera spining around while you traveling through forest and hills was CUT OUT ... you can measure every step as much as you like, but how do you want to measure distance from the ingame map, of regions that was "cut out"?

If i take Europe map, and i cut it in half ... and then i move it so Berlin is right next to Paris ... does that mean that Paris is from now on distanced 5km from Berlin? I gues not.
And that is exactly what happened here ... you take single landscape object (Grove), you take second landscape object (Blighted VIllage) and you cut everything in between, bcs roaming miles of forest would be for one boring, for two anoying, for three tedious, and for four not usefull for litteraly anything except one complaining person who keeps searching for problems where they are none. -_-

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I mean ... I won't ... but it's easy to say. wink