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it just makes me look at classes I don't particularly love and say "Well, tough luck, sucker".
Agreed. frown

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We don't even know how many companions are going to be available in Act II and Act III.
Personaly i hope for none. :-/

There is nothing worse in my experience than companion who joins your party at last moment (even worse is if game FORCES you to take new guy -_- ) and replace someone you allready know, know how to play, and you developed some relationship with. :-/

We should get all companions right from the start, the sooner the better ...

Oh gosh! I HOPE they give us lots more companions. I thought you wanted that too.

Ugh! Heck no. Don't lock us in to the same dang 5 companions for the whole game.

I want:

Maybe even Vengeance and/or the other 3 Masks
Minthara for the evil path
Mercenaries - Custom characters I can bring in later or right from the start
Maybe even Jaheira and/or Minsc

Additional companion options provide more variety and options so that if I am liking a present party member less and less, I can NOT continue with them.

How nice would it be for some players to kill Astarion but meet a Rogue or hire a Custom Rogue at the Grove. Some people, like my wife, hate Lae'zel and Shadowheart. It'd be nice to have some other cleric and fighter options.

And Karlach is my MOST coveted hopeful companion option right now. I REALLY want them to add her as a potential.

But, you know, I'd like to be able to recruit even a few odd ones, like Bernard, the automaton. Once you convince him you're Lenore, you can convince him to be in your party.

Or what about Thrinn if you take the Absolute path... or Nere, though I can't stand him personally?

Yeah, no. How many companions we have to choose from has a considerable bearing on party size. If anything, the more options, which I want, the more a party of 6 is important so you aren't SUPER limited on who you can have with you.