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I HOPE they give us lots more companions. I thought you wanted that too.
I do ...
But i want them to be spreaded around Act 1 ... prefferable would be exclusively!

But yes, i certainly want that too ...
I want AT LEAST single Origin character per class ... i mean i would probably not play them, certainly not all of them even tho i may try some ... but still want option to pick to my party whatever the hells i want ... not just what im offered. frown
And it aply to Early Acess aswell ... maybe even more than full release ... i just want to test and see synergy between Barbarian, Sorcerer, Druid and Ranger ... the only way to get that right now is to make custom party. Wich completely differs your experience. frown

Also in my honest opinion the absolute basic should be two (one good and one evil) per class ... or at least some replacement if the character leave you (i mean right now the only way to have Warlock in your party is to play good guy ... ugh) ... OR and that would be also quite nice, some dialogue options that would keep the character in your group, even if your basic Aligments are incompatible ... i would sign my soul to Swen ... i mean Devil ... for some really good Coruption (ok, or redemption) arcs for companions. :3

I would certainly not mind mercenaries in Act 1 allready ...
For example that Zentharim guy, you can make a deal with when you save his ass from Gnols ... and a little later from his previous boss ... that seem like perfect candidate for being Sword (or dagger & bow?) for hire ...
Or Aradin (and basicaly everyone from his group) ...
There should be possible to persuate Nettie to go with you search for Halsin ...
I would not even mind if some of Tieflings would be hireable. :3 Especialy Lakrissa. laugh
(Just for the context ... the joke is that "krysa" in my language means "rat" laugh )

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How nice would it be for some players to kill Astarion but meet a Rogue or hire a Custom Rogue at the Grove.
In context to previous quotes:
How horrible it would be if those players would either had to play Rogue themselves, or wait for it til Act 3? :-/

That is what im against, especialy if that would be some kind of companion that you HAVE TO take with you (seen that before in some games) ... this model "Hi, im nobody you know, but now you believe me that im important for the story, so even tho you allready have your own party from thrusted, sometimes even loved, equipped and in all other ways prepared adventurers ... pick one to kick out and take me instead! I can promise i shall judge every decision you make from now on." -_-

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Some people, like my wife, hate Lae'zel and Shadowheart. It'd be nice to have some other cleric and fighter options.

And Karlach is my MOST coveted hopeful companion option right now. I REALLY want them to add her as a potential.

But, you know, I'd like to be able to recruit even a few odd ones, like Bernard, the automaton. Once you convince him you're Lenore, you can convince him to be in your party.

Or what about Thrinn if you take the Absolute path... or Nere, though I can't stand him personally?
Yeah, that i would like too ...
Bernard would be indeed great companion, and he dont even need to talk, since his programing dont gave him own will. Perfect!

Especialy the Absolute path seems to be in critical need for own set of companions, since except Astarion nobody seems to be willing to walk it. laugh

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I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown