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The variable is called DB_Origins_MaxPartySize(1) – and normally has a value of 4. You can change it up to 8. That's literally how easy it is, you don't need modders to work on this. Which means Larian has built the engine and the UI to handle parties of that size. I understand it's so you can have followers etc too, but basically larger parties are effectively already in the game, it just needs to be enabled.
Very good to know, but how does one access this variable to change its value? Is that a complicated process, especially in the context of people like me who are not at all versed in coding?

1. Start a New Game and do a Safestate.

2. Download: https://github.com/Norbyte/lslib/releases

3. Extract the .ZIP where you want and start ConverterApp.exe

4. at Top pick Game: Baldurs Gate 3
at the Tabs click Story (OSI)tools
 at Story/savegame file Path: press the "..."
 and Navigate to
 C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\YOU\Savegames\Story\safename\safename.lsv
 Then Press load at right top. Wait a little and a Message with Save game database loaded succesfully comes. press ok.
 at Database Editor search for the Database: DB_Origins_MaxPartySize(1) # 1198 (1rows)
 there are sorted by Numbers. That mean you have to move from the #1 till # 1198

5. Then the Value shows u a "4". Change it to 6 or 8 what ever you want (4-8). (8 if u do 1 Start char and 2 custom Chars at beginning. + all 5 Companions can join)
6. When you done it Press Save.


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