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Big fan of the game over years..

Would love to test and see what I can break to debug to give feedback.

Problem is.. Lvl cap is to low. Jump it to 6 and you get feedback galore.

I work a lot and don’t have much free time.. I like to experiment with lots of different classes and races, but once I hit lvl 4 half way through the campaign.. I’m done with that character and move to the next..

Yet I always play the same way.. so I never can test anything beyond a certain point. Makes it boring after a while.

There is a balance to Not showing a lot, and completely losing interest. At the moment I only come back and test once a new class is introduced. I have nothing to gain after I reach lvl 4. If Exp is low based on the lvl I’m fighting. I may never hit lvl 6 and will try to do even more for Exp to force me to try more things.

Lowering Exp value of mobs it takes to get to level 4. Would make it so I don’t want to test it at all anymore.

Currently I tell all my friends “don’t spend for early access. You would get angry and never play the game again. Wait until full release.” Longer full release gets put off the more they lose interest.

Those middle aged followers that have played from the start with BG1 going to quickly lose interest if you don’t give them a bone. Than the game will reach the “could have been great genre”

Thanks for reading.

You should try multiplayer, it's a blast. Go to the Larian discord to find groups.