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Really liking the ability to block an incoming attack with a shield spell.

I know right?

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I would like much more control of my reactions.


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No, clearly it's a straw man of your position.

But it's not that far from my position -- I want the two games to merge. Solasta is really, really ugly and badly voice but combat is a blast. BG3 is lovely, has some good roleplay options and the NPC stories look really promising.

Buuuut the devs need to have more confidence in the DnD ruleset.

I want to play a DnD game that looks good, has a story, an open world and many different ways to complete tasks. Right now I see parts of what I want in two different games.

This. I want BG3 and Solasta to have a baby.

Yea...Solasta is definitely more of the Spiritual successor to BG 1 and 2 because it is actually D&D (They trusted in the rule set...never even questioned it).

Larian did not...like at all. BG3 is NOT D&D its DOS at its core, but will be fun once you understand and get past this.

Love child...perhaps a third company that will be faithful to the rule set (Solasta game play is absolutely fun), but with the budget to make it more modern and sandbox like BG3. I would also support Tactical Adventures if someone backed them in going big.

Tactical Adventures had a small budget and made it feel big.

Larian had a large budget and has made it feel wasted on a genre they do not fully understand.

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